Custom Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Services Sandy Springs GA
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Custom Bathroom Remodeling For Your Home in Sandy Springs GA

When you have a small and outdated bathroom, it feels narrow and cramped instead of comfortable and welcoming. Then why not transform it into a modern and relaxing space for the whole family to enjoy? There are many solutions to remodel your bathroom into a functional and stylish place. And in most cases it can be very easy accomplished.


From fixture replacement to bathroom extensions, we can offer a renovation service that can be customized to your needs, desires and of course – budget. Let us install a new bathtub, shower, jacuzzi, flooring, toilet, fixtures or countertops to create a modern design with contemporary elements. Or make just small enhancements here and there to make a difference in the look, feel and function of your bathroom.

Work With Our Kitchen Remodeling Experts in Sandy Springs GA

Renovating your kitchen is one the most efficient ways to transform your house, while refreshing it’s overall look and feel. Take advantage of our pro kitchen designs and planning services, benefit from our quality craftsmanship and stay within your budget.


No matter how large or small your kitchen might be, a remodel can provide an updated kitchen that’s fully functional, beautiful and more suitable to your family’s needs. If your current kitchen is very small, disorganized or just plain outdated, we will improve the space, will make it more welcoming and will eliminate any worry or stress you had before.

New Construction and Room Additions in Sandy Springs GA

Building the house of your dreams is much more about custom design and construction that encompasses all your family’s needs and wants. Get our help in every step of the process – planning, design and building, and we will create a home that will exceed your expectations.


And when you just want to add some new rooms to your existing property, please keep in mind that our experience and professionalism will guide in you in the right directions and help you achieve the desired results with ease.

Epoxy Countertop Concepts For Kitchen and Bath

Epoxy is a man-made material that offers many uses in kitchen and bathroom countertops. It’s very durable, can be tinted to produce a wide variety of colors. It’s also non-porous and very easy to clean. The most popular types of epoxy countertops are the solid surface ones.


They come in hundreds of colors and patterns. Most are opaque, but some can be produced to be nearly transparent. Some other options for epoxy countertops include adding backlight with a LED light panel, embedding glass or tile, add more materials and make it look like stone or granite.

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